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    Mystic Outdoors Fly Rods Announces Derek Bond As New Majority Owner

    Mystic Outdoors Fly Rods Announces Derek Bond As New Majority Owner

    PORTLAND, Mich. & DENVER, Colorado – Aug. 15, 2017 – PRLog — Mystic Outdoors is pleased to announce that Derek Bond has come on board as the new majority owner. A fan of Mystic fly rods himself, Bond is eager to take the business to the next level, strengthening its position in the fly fishing rod market. His plans include expanding both the Mystic product line and the company’s capacity for distribution of its handcrafted fly rods.

    “I am really excited about this opportunity to turn my passion for fly fishing into a business investment,” says Bond. “The huge bonus is that the Klein’s will support the day-to-day operations to make sure we maintain Mystic’s excellence in design and craftsmanship. Their knowledge and experience are invaluable assets and their presence means I’ll be able to not only learn the day-to-day operation, but build even stronger retail partnerships.”

    Bond speaks enthusiastically about using the promotional skills he has honed over years in the sports industry to grow a robust sales program coast to coast. He stresses the importance of supporting current retailers while developing more partnerships and collaborative marketing strategies. Fly fishing rod retailers who can already attest to the quality of Mystic’s fly rods will be keen to hear his win-win ideas. Prospective retailers will not want to be left out.

    Because Mystic Fly Rods enjoys the benefits of the outdoors, Bond believes the company has a responsibility to promote good stewardship. This includes encouraging fishermen and women to tread lightly in the environment, especially keeping streams and lakes clean, and to honor “catch and release” programs.

    Building on the Klein’s R&D expertise, the current product line and a great reputation, Bond expects to be offering new rods and fishing apparel in 2018. He aims for Mystic Outdoors to become the one stop shop for both the fly fishing veteran and novice.

    About Mystic Outdoors Fly Rods

    Mystic Outdoors Fly Rods has been supplying fly fishing equipment to fishermen and women for more than a decade. The mission of Mystic remains a strong commitment to excellent design and craftsmanship of quality fly rods. Their motto “Dare to Compare” applies to all their products and challenges their customers to even try to find a more value packed fly rod. Check out their website to see the full complement of freshwater and saltwater rods with all the necessary tools.

    The Perfect Drift - Marc Payne

    The Perfect Drift - Marc Payne

    “I cannot express to you just how much it means to me to know that someone who is not part of the corporate conglomerate is making waves. Not because of advertising, but because they make a darn good product”.

    “The Mystic Tremor rod was an amazing work of craftsmanship. Every part to this jewel were obviously the brainchild of folk who have actually used an 8wt. and knew what was missing from the myriad of other big sticks on the market. If you haven’t checked Mystic rods out…do.  You won’t be disappointed.  I can honestly say that I hope to eventually have a Mystic for every type of fishing I do.  From eight weight right down to their shootout winning two weight…someday, I will own the whole lineup.  That is how much I believe in these guys.  The first two I have my sights on is the two weight, one of their switch rods, and a tailwater five weight.  I look forward to a long friendship with these guys…cause it is obvious to anyone who has fished a Mystic…they ain’t going anywhere but up.” - Marc Payne

    Read more at theperfectdrift-marcpayne.com

    FLA Fly Fish Review - Mystic Tremor 8WT

    FLA Fly Fish Review - Mystic Tremor 8WT

    Thanks to Robert’s opinion, I picked up a Mystic 8wt Tremor Salt Water rod recently. While I haven’t had a chance to tangle with a large fish on it, the rod casts and otherwise behaves as Robert, and Mystic, said it would. I like the way it loads and carries line, its sensitive tip does telegraph pickups when fish lightly mouth a bottom fly (it’s imperative that the line have as little slack as possible) and it handles a fight very well. One of the attributes he didn’t mention are the alignment markings at the ferrules. Why don’t all rod companies do this? Instead of just a dot, Mystic annotates the rod length and size, “9’3″ #8″, in this case, which is a pretty handy guide for not only aligning the pieces but also when several rods are packed together without separate sleeves. (The Tremor comes in a hard, fabric covered case with built-in sleeves.) And oh, okay, it’s a pretty rod, too. This is a good saltwater rod that’s hard to beat in its price range.” - Ed

    Read more at flaflyfish.com