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    The excellent reputation of Mystic Fly Rods is built on the expertise and dedication of the Mystic team. From the founders to the newest part time employee, they can each be counted on to do their part in producing consistently world class fishing rods.

    A successful, family run, fly rod supplier business demonstrates a sense of commitment, camaraderie and self-discipline quite different from a large enterprise.

    Mystic, as a fly rod supplier, has pulled together an outstanding team to craft their fly rods one by one. From wrapping and building handles and reel seats to perfecting the painstaking finishing detail, more than a dozen employees turn the blanks into exceptional rods any angler would be proud to use. Their personal passion for the craft and the sport is evident in each rod displaying the Mystic Fly Rods logo.

    We are continually looking for ways to improve the look, feel and action of the Mystic fly fishing rods. We encourage anyone using a Mystic fly rod to send feedback and even suggest improvements.  Nothing would please us more than hearing about a fishing rod from Mystic Fly Rods being the prized legacy handed to the next generation.

    The Mystic sales team in America and the eight representatives overseas have worked diligently and successfully at penetrating the domestic and international markets. They are grateful for the unfailing support of the production group back in Portland Michigan but the bonus they really appreciate is promoting a quality product that can almost sell itself.

    Mystic fly rods catalog - Trout Salmon Steelhead Musky - freshwater saltwater