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    Q: How do I register my new Mystic Fly Rod?

    A:  There is only one way to register your Mystic fly fishing rods and equipment.  Please visit the register my rod in the Mystic Outdoors Webpage.  Within the body of the page there is a form that needs to be filled out and electronically sent.

    Q: I just purchased my first two handed Mystic Fly Rod, what fly line should I use?

    A:  There are a few choices to make when selecting the proper line for a two handed fly rod.  The first and most important aspect is to decide how you plan to use the rod.  Will you swing large heavy flies or small light flies?  There are so many choices to make that we encourage you to contact one of our field technicians by e-mailing us @ sales@mysticoutdoors.com or calling us at PH: 248.672.9375.  We can walk you through a short list of questions that will narrow down the selection process and get you paired up with the correct line to match your Mystic Fly Rod.

    Q: Why do the M-Series Rods all have an additional 3inches, like 9ft 3in, instead of a true 9 footer?

    A:  Through our research and development we were able to create a unique, one of a kind, tip flex action for the M-Series Rods.  This allows you the opportunity to fish lighter tippets to weary and selective feeding fish.

    Q: I just purchased my first Mystic Fly Rod. I need to select a fly line that fits the rod well. What should I purchase?

    A:  All Mystic Fly Rods are true in weight.  If the Rod is labeled as a 5wt. then a 5wt line will work well with the rod.  The same holds true with other Rods in the Mystic Series.

    Q: My Fly Rod broke in a recent trip. What do I do to get it repaired?

    A:  Send the rod in its original tube to Mystic Fly Rods, 2171 S Trenton Way Suite 222 Denver, CO 80231.  Please include your return shipping address and a phone number where you can be reached.  Please include a personal check or money order for $50.00 made out to Mystic Fly Rods to cover the shipping and handling fee.