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    Feb 09, 2017 – Mystic Fly Rods Riding a McLaren 570S

    Perfect fly fishing trip – Mystic Fly Rods and a McLaren 570S coupe.  Both top performers in their respective industries and class.

    Oct 19, 2013 – Mystic First Product Film

    A fly rod must first make a great cast and do everything to peak performance. Why pay ridiculous prices for quality and a lifetime guarantee? Dare to Compare and take the Mystic challenge against your go-to, all-time favorite rod.

    Mystic designs and owns all of it’s own mandrels with each rod hand crafted in the USA using their proprietary blanks and what they believe to be the best components available on the market..

    Take the Mystic challenge and dare to compare to high end quality.

    from IF4™ on Vimeo.

    November 21, 2015 –  Foundation Trailer – Official Selection, IF4 2016

    Film Overview: Fly Fishing has the unique ability to connect people and facilitate the sharing of knowedge between people from all walks of life. In Foundations, follow four individuals with varied fishing backgrounds as they come together for the first time to fish Montana’s Bighorn River and learn from one and another.

    Filmmaker: John Jinishian

    from IF4™ on Vimeo.

    November 24, 2014 –  Recapture Trailer – Official Selection, IF4 2015

    “Recapture”: By Shane Scherholz, Mike Percelli & John Jinishian. Music by: Hammock.

    Recapture is one man’s tribute to his father and all he loved about the sport of fly fishing. After mourning his fathers passing, Mike Percelli realizes it is time to stop living in the past and create new memories with new friends. He returns to the waters where his father once taught him, to gain closure, and share his knowledge. From student to mentor, one man copes with his loss while he shares his passion for fly fishing with others. A must see film, exclusively at the International Fly Fishing Film Festival™ in 2015! flyfilmfest.com


    Aug 29, 2015 – IFTD 2014

    All Mystic rods start with top-quality high-modulus blanks. Our tapers and materials are our signature of excellence. Our formulation and design give careful consideration to those requirements essential to a great casting, fishing, and fish-fighting rod. Our rod components are unmatched. Most Mystic’s reel seats are constructed with double locking rings, which contain a nylon bushing to properly secure your prized reel. Our reel seat is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, one of the lightest, strongest and corrosion resistant metals available. The guides on all Mystic rods are constructed of a solid titanium-alloy frame, which are 65% lighter than stainless steel. Our guides are 100% corrosion proof to withstand all environmental conditions. We use a quad leg designed stripper guide, which provides greater lateral stability and diamond polished nanolite ceramic rings to reduce friction. The snake guides and tip top are made of light wire stainless steel and hard chrome coated.
    Mystic uses super high-grade cork, which has the highest degree of cork density available. Our cork has minimal voids and pits reducing long-term deterioration, standing the test of time of your lifetime investment. A warranty that is a commitment to you! We know you just want to go fishing, but even the best rods can break so purchasing a rod has an exceptional lifetime warranty is important. Our warranty is lifetime, no-questions-asked and hassle-free.

    Sep 11, 2014 – Norway

    Jeroen Schoondergang fly fishing in Norway takes on a large Atlantic Cod with his 7 weight Mystic Tremor Saltwater Fly Rod and his Solitude 4 Fly Reel. The bend in the Mystic fly rod is incredible and the power of the Solitude is evident as he lands this fish. Power, durability and affordable quality without compromise. You may contact Derek McKenzie Fly Fishing to purchase this or other Mystic and Solitude fishing gear and we do ship world wide.