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Mystic Story

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The story of Mystic Fly Rods is one of a teenage passion, catching a vision, making tough decisions and putting in years of hard labor. The result is a sustainable international reputation for excellent saltwater and freshwater fishing supplies.


Mystic Fly Rods manufacturing Portland Michigan - US manufacturerYears before Mystic Fly Rods ever existed we were learning the craft of building custom fly rods. We soon discovered that other fishermen were also keen on these creations. A few years later, we exhibiting at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show where we were motivated by dealers/fly shops encouraging us to let go of the direct sales and work through their established outfitters, fly shops and fishing guides. The decision was made. It was time to grow!

Fast forward ten years and visit Portland Michigan to see a thriving family business in action manufacturing US assembled fly rods. Working out of a 7,000 square foot facility within casting distance of the Grand River near its junction with the Looking Glass, we are proud of the continuing growth of Mystic Fly Rods.

Moving Forward

Well established in the US and with the beginning of a global network, the owners/founders were confident in the possibilities of their 2013 commitment to doubling the volume of business. 2014 was the year for Mystic to move aggressively into the international world of fly fishing.

Mystic Fly Rods' saltwater and freshwater fishing supplies are now available in more than 150 fly shops in North America and from distributors in more than 20 countries around the world.  From Brazil and Chile to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia, fishermen and women can enjoy the Mystic experience. The company sees this success as the foundation for further growth.

Commitment to Quality

The market for Mystic Fly Rods has consistently grown by 15% each year. This increases the annual production capacity by an additional 1000 rods plus logo apparel and accessories. The company’s expansion plans include an absolute commitment to maintain the quality of its saltwater and freshwater fishing supplies. Each angler looking for the perfect fly fishing rod is encouraged to handle and test Mystic rods that have unparalleled:

  • Technology
  • Craftsmanship
  • Warranty
  • Service
  • Value

Computer assisted design ensures the integrity of both the smallest detail and overall quality control. Because it operates according to the principles of lean production, Mystic is able to manage its stock levels efficiently, making it easy to adapt to emerging trends or design upgrades. The consistency of master craftsmanship is obvious in the look and feel of each fly rod.

Mystic Fly Rods takes its warranty seriously. Not only does it honor its commitment to repair or replace, it does so quickly, understanding the eager fisherman’s disappointment with every day off the water.

Mystic prides itself in producing value packed fly rods. The prices are unbeatable for quality rods for casting, fishing and fighting a fish until the catch is completed.

The Mystic Fly Rods motto challenges any and all prospective customers: Dare to Compare!  They even provide a chart to use when making a comparison.

Mystic Fly Rods is a great example of the reality of the American Dream  ̶  creative vision, old fashioned hard work, world class products and a commitment to excellence by an excellent team of fly fishing experts and engineers.

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