Dare to Compare

Dare to Compare

We Dare to Compare Mystic Rods with the Competition

Mystic Fly Rods lined up to compare - freshwater saltwater spey switch trout salmon steelhead musky Mystic Fly Rods is quietly becoming an increasingly popular rod of choice for fly fishermen across America, and recently, around the world. We here at Mystic Fly Rods are passionate about our products. We are insistent that Mystic Fly Rods provides customers with exceptional value relative to cost, and are confident that any angler will quickly recognize the superiority of a Mystic rod. Our challenge to the fly fisherman is to try a Mystic fly fishing rod, and dare to compare it to any other!

All Mystic fly rods, whether they are in the M-Series, Au Sable, Inception, Switch, Tremor, Reaper, Maveryck, Spey or Sapphyre line, are carefully handcrafted in the US. There are no gimmicks. Every component and step in the design and construction process is dedicated to making the rod perform its intended function. The Mystic focus is on producing the best tool possible to perform its intended task   ̶   catching that trophy fish!

The Mystic Advantage

The Mystic proprietary rod blank is the foundation of each quality fly rod produced by this hands-on company in Portland, Michigan. Adding outstanding rod components to an outstanding rod blank produces near magical results. Extra steps and quality materials are incorporated to ensure long-lasting durability of the rod, and attention to aesthetic detail make each rod literally outshine any other on the market. These are standard production criteria for each Mystic fly rod produced.

Best of all, compared to fly rods from other manufacturers, Mystic Fly Rods provide superior value relative to cost.

And the designers at Mystic do not simply mimic approaches used by other manufacturers. When they see a functional need, Mystic incorporates changes in components and construction to ensure the best possible performance of the fly rod in the field. For example:

  • The Mystic 9 foot 8wt fly rod is actually 9 feet three inches long. This is a deliberate Mystic proprietary taper design innovation which softens the tip flex, adding to the presentation without sacrificing distance.
  • Mystic stripping guides use a quad leg frame design for greater lateral stability and strength.
  • Mystic reel seats for flyrods 7 weight and higher incorporate double locking nuts incorporating a poly washer for greater security in keeping the reel in place.

These enhancements add a near negligible increase of 1 ounce or less compared to competitor rod weights. Mystic incorporates these components for the added durability and reel security they provide.

Making the Comparison

For serious fly fishermen and women in the market for a new fly rod, it is easy to make an informed decision about which manufacturer to choose if critical characteristics of different flyrods are compared. The following chart compares a Mystic fly fishing rod to similar flyrods from three popular manufacturers. The Mystic choice is readily apparent.

Mysctic fly rods date to compare to compaetition

Dare to Compare

Using these benchmarks makes it easy to compare a Mystic fly rod against any competitor. Discard the marketing fluff and empty claims, and make your own judgement. Mystic flyrods are everything offered by high-end competitors and more, but are reasonably priced.

With a Mystic fly rod, you will save money and yet enjoy the best in quality, craftsmanship and service. Dare to compare!


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