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    There are valid reasons for saying Mystic Fly Rods produce the perfect fly rod.

    The craftsmen and women at Mystic are all avid fly fishing enthusiasts. What better place to start when designing the best fly fishing rod!

    We know how a rod must perform when making a great cast, whether it is overhand, roll, spey, or whatever action is needed to reach that trophy fish. We also expect a rod to fish well, providing the best mending and line control after the cast and superior ability to fight the fish once it has been hooked. Of course any rod we use must be durable and its appearance stylish enough to make heads turn.

    Taking Practical Requirements to the Design Board
    Rod designers at Mystic start with these practical fishing requirements as a production goal, and meld those requirements with state-of-the art techniques and materials. There is a rigorous process to be followed before any rod joins the Mystic family. We do our homework, making sure our conceptualized models are validated by computer simulations, and then by the production and testing of a prototype rod.

    The design and construction process for each reflects the delicate balance of fishing experience, specialized scientific and engineering knowledge, and quality control, all gently coated with artistic flair. The result is a fly fishing rod that performs superbly and looks great.

    Superior Performance from Components of Exceptional Quality
    Using a Mystic fly rod is a mystical experience! Our attention to detail and use of the best available construction materials ensures a rod that will present a fly accurately and with grace, one that fishes well and conquers the quarry quickly and with respect.

    • All Mystic fly rods start with proprietary premium high-modulus composite blanks. The pre-impregnated carbon fiber composite material (called Prepeg) we use for the production of our rod blanks is prepared according to our strict specifications and design requirements.
    • Handles are crafted from the highest grade cork available. Minimal pits and voids means increased durability and long lasting appeal.
    • All Mystic reel seats are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum because it is one of the strongest, lightest and corrosion resistant material available. To keep your reel secure, we incorporate a nylon bushing and many times double locking rings.
    • Our premium model stripper guides are 100% corrosion proof solid titanium alloy, 65% lighter than stainless steel. To reduce friction on the fly line, we use a quad leg design for increased lateral stability, and incorporate Nano lite ceramic rings which are diamond polished. Unlike many of the other manufacturers, our ceramics are machine rolled around the frames to prevent them from popping out.
    • We are particularly careful in positioning each snake guide, to distribute the fly line evenly along the entire length of the rod. Hard chrome coated light wire stainless steel is used for the snake guides and for the tip tops, resulting in a well-crafted rod that not only looks good but performs even better.

    Mystic believes and stands by its fly rod products, and provides a warranty expressing its commitment to the purchaser. This reputable, reliable company provides a lifetime, hassle-free and no-questions-asked repair or replacement warranty for the original owner for defects or faulty materials.