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    Spey/Switch Fly Rods

    It's always swing season here at Mystic. From micro-spey rods that light up your favorite trout stream, to spey rods that deliver in the gnarliest steelhead fishing conditions, the Mystic lineup of two-handed fly rods brings top-tier performance without the added cost of retail markup.

    Mystic M-Series Spey rods and Switch rods are designed by Dennis Klein and our U.S. team, and hand-crafted to exact tolerances.

    Our M-Series Spey rod comes in at 12' 3" and the M-Series Switch rod and Micro-Spey rods are built in an 11' 3" design. Whether you're swinging soft hackles for brown trout in a canyon close to home, or moving big flies into the driving wind and rain in British Columbia, our two-handed rods are built to compete with top-tier competitors, which can cost twice as much.

    All of the M-Series two-handed fly rods are constructed with a high modulus carbon fiber blank. Translated into English, that means incredible power to reach across coastal rivers, yet supple enough to take hard-hitting strikes from salmon and steelhead.

    These spey rods are hand produced in the Mystic tradition of value, performance, durability and overall sleekness of design. As with all Mystic rods, they are backed by the Mystic unconditional warranty. Be sure to check out the benefits and features of the Mystic M-Series Spey, Switch and Micro Spey rods.