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    Creativity, craftsmanship and commitment.

    Mystic fly rods are designed and constructed by our Mystic team who are all committed to superb craftsmanship that turns creativity into beautiful, functional fly fishing rods. Mystic is simply one of the best fly rod companies based in the United States.

    The work begins with the designers who are closely attuned to the needs of fly fishermen and women. They understand that fishing enthusiasts enjoy the sport in many kinds of venues and weather, chasing various kinds of fish from trout and salmon to bass and steelheads and whatever else presents a challenge. The overall expectation is obvious: high performance and reliable durability no matter what the situation.

    Excellence is the only standard considered acceptable by the Mystic team itself. From the design and materials to the construction and actually being used on the water, Mystic fly rods are unbeatable in quality and performance.

    Each rod is much more than the sum of its first class material and components, including on various models:

    • Proprietary Carbon Fiber Blanks
    • Unique reel seats with double locking rings
    • Rosewood burl spacers
    • Integrated hook keeper
    • Diamond Polished Titanium Stripping Guides
    • Premium grade foregrip and fighting butt
    • Medium to fast action options
    • Several line weight options
    • Corrosion resistance materials such as titanium
    • Single or double hand options

    All rods are based on state of the art technology and are finished with artistic flair. And, the value added is that they are all affordable for their class of fly rod. Mystic is all about outstanding performance at unbeatable prices.

    The Mystic team is so confident of their fly fishing rods that they are willing to have you compare the key elements, including price, with those of three other similar models. Dare to Compare is a bold step for any of the many fly rod companies to take but Mystic knows it beats the competition! How do they know? All their satisfied customers and professional guides tell the story of the success of Mystic fly rods.