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    Freshwater Fly Rods

    Mystic offers you a complete range of freshwater fly rods, each meticulously designed and perfectly matched to meet the demanding requirements of every freshwater fishing situation. Whether you are looking for ideal trout fishing rods or a fly rod to bring in those steelieheads or muskies, be sure to check out the complete line of freshwater fly fishing rods offered by Mystic.

    Don’t be fooled by our mid-price range   ̶   all our freshwater fly rods compete very well with higher end products on the market, and, even better, they are American made!

    All Mystic American made fly rods, whether you choose one from the popular M-Series line, the Au Sable, Maveryck, Reaper lines, or the Sapphyre (designed specifically for women) or Inception rods, begin with high-modulus top quality blanks.  The design and tapers we use are our signature of excellence, and each rod is purposefully designed and hand crafted to be a great casting, fishing and fish fighting rod.

    Choose a fly rod that best suits your freshwater fishing needs. For example, you may be looking for trout rods to fish small mountain streams using a light tippet and requiring delicate and accurate presentation. Maybe you need the power to reach the far side of larger rivers, or you require a stronger rod to fish from a boat in faster water.

    Whatever the situation and the waters you are fishing, count on a Mystic freshwater fly rod for the perfect match of performance, quality and beauty!