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    Choosing a Good Fly Rod

    Choosing a good fly rod can be a daunting task for anyone looking to get their money’s worth. A fly fishing rod is a tool, and just as a craftsman will be able to do better work with a good tool, a fly fisherman can expect his performance to improve by using a quality rod. Length, weight and rod action are the basic factors to consider when choosing the best fly rods.


    Fly rods are offered in many different lengths. Generally it is accepted that 9 feet is the best overall rod length. It is usually the most versatile, and can be used for almost all fishing situations. Typically a second rod option is a shorter rod, used to fish very small streams or longer rods to fish larger streams.


    The weight of a fly rod is tied in to the size and type of fish an angler is trying to catch. For example, a 4-6 weight fly rod would be best for crappie, bass, trout, bluegill or other similarly sized fish. However, this weight rod would break with larger fish. A heavier weight flyrod like a 7-9 weight is recommended for stripers, redfish, salmon, musky or steelhead. Tuna would require an even heavier weight rod. For most versatility, choose a 5 weight for smaller species and an 8 weight rod for larger fish.

    Flex or Rod Action

    Probably the most important characteristic to consider is the flex or action of a rod. A rod is designed to bend at different places along its length, and where it bends will determine its “action”.

    • A fast action or flex tip rod is one that bends at its tip. This is a powerful rod with less flex. A fast action rod makes it easier to make longer casts, cast in windy conditions. A beginner may need some practice to get used to a fast action rod.
    • A rod designed to bend a bit farther from the tip is referred to as a moderate-fast action rod. This rod offers a good mix of performance and versatility, and is suitable for most anglers who want the benefits of fast action, yet want a bit more flexibility in the rod.
    • A medium or mid-flex fly rod, one that bends about ¼ of the way from the tip, provides good accuracy and distance, and is suited to the greatest range of fishing scenarios.
    • A slow action rod, bending about half-way from the tip, is very flexible, designed for anglers generally working small streams and rivers.

    Matching Basic Rod Criteria to Mystic Fly Rods Design

    Mystic Fly Rods offers a complete range of quality premium fly rods that have been rigorously tested to deliver consistent top performance. They offer a number of different lines of rods, each meticulously engineered for specific fishing conditions. The first-class M-Series, for example, is a progressive medium/fast fly rod with the ability to cast at close range as well as to the other side of the stream, and is available in 4 different lengths.

    Choose a rod from the Mystic Au Sable Series for a medium/fast rod specially designed for trout stalking. When tackling larger rivers and higher winds, use a fast action rod like one from the Mystic Maveryck Series. Check out the fast action offered by the Inception and medium/fast M-Series Switch fly rod lines, perhaps choosing a fly rod that specifically meets your fishing requirements.

    Mystic also offers a Tremor Salt Water Series, and a Reaper Series ranging from a delicate 3 weight to a powerhouse 12 weight. The M-Spey series of rods offered by Mystic are ideal for spey casting, ska git casting and spey fishing. Mystic also offers a fly rod series specifically focused on female anglers. The Sapphyre Fly Rod Series is a fast action rod specifically designed to please the most discerning fisher woman/female angler.

    One proven feature of the Mystic 9 foot 3 inch, 8 wt. fly rod is the extra three inches that soften the flex, enhancing the presentation. This is just one example of how each of the Mystic fly rod lines is uniquely designed and constructed, and then tested under real conditions to ensure long term durability and performance without compromising value.