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FLA Fly Fish Review - Mystic Tremor 8WT

Posted on September 19 2017

Thanks to Robert’s opinion, I picked up a Mystic 8wt Tremor Salt Water rod recently. While I haven’t had a chance to tangle with a large fish on it, the rod casts and otherwise behaves as Robert, and Mystic, said it would. I like the way it loads and carries line, its sensitive tip does telegraph pickups when fish lightly mouth a bottom fly (it’s imperative that the line have as little slack as possible) and it handles a fight very well. One of the attributes he didn’t mention are the alignment markings at the ferrules. Why don’t all rod companies do this? Instead of just a dot, Mystic annotates the rod length and size, “9’3″ #8″, in this case, which is a pretty handy guide for not only aligning the pieces but also when several rods are packed together without separate sleeves. (The Tremor comes in a hard, fabric covered case with built-in sleeves.) And oh, okay, it’s a pretty rod, too. This is a good saltwater rod that’s hard to beat in its price range.” - Ed



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