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Using a Spey/Switch type rod has long been associated with steelhead and salmon fishing. Well, no more, with these long but light Spey/Switch rods from Mystic the ‘little fish’ need to be on their proverbially toes! That is why we are introducing the Mystic Micro Spey/Swtch Rods to you.  The ability to cast great distances as well as in tight places is what these rods are made for while maintaining the delicate nature of a good trout rod. These ultra-light Spey/Switch rods are delicate enough to protect light tippet yet powerful enough to cast weighted streamers on sink tip lines. Micro Spey/Switch casting is all the rage these days, it’s great fun as well as great practice for those few times a year you get to go after the Steelhead and Salmon with a traditional Spey/Switch rod!