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    TREMOR SALTWATER FLY ROD SERIES | The Tremor saltwater series by Mystic is designed to help you put the hammer down in challenging saltwater situations.  These rods are built to tackle coastal winds and deliver the pinpoint accuracy demanded by flats fishing. Our Tremor saltwater rods were designed by our U.S. team with a powerful mid-tip action that is a pleasure to cast, even after long hours on the skiff. The quick action of this rod loads and reacts with less casting effort to intercept a moving fish. The strength of this rod holds power in reserve to deliver heavy flies into the wind, all while maintaining tighter loops and incredible accuracy. All of our Tremor fly rods are hand crafted, using a blank engineered with a proprietary carbon fiber blend. Tremor fly rods are simply lighter and stronger than any comparable saltwater fishing rod on the market. By using a special multi-modulus blank technology and compound taper, we were able to add more carbon fiber material to the high stress points of the rod. Every component on our Tremor series is designed with saltwater in mind, from the three solid titanium, corrosion-proof, over-sized stripping guides, to the custom-built reel seat with integrated hook keeper.


    The Mystic Tremor series is purposefully designed to perform in demanding saltwater situations, and light enough in hand to cast all day without discomfort. We'll put this rod up against any other saltwater rod on the market. Tremor fly rods are light and strong, with enough finesse to cast to spooky bonefish, barracuda, snapper and permit. These rods are built to handle the brutal winds along the coast and on the flats.

    Like all Mystic fly rods, the Tremor saltwater fishing gear series is designed, tested and produced in the U.S., using the best available technology, and the craftsmanship of our experienced team. On the angler's end of this equation, are the best performing fly rods on the market at an unbeatable price.



    Mystic showcases its usual first class components in the Tremor saltwater fishing rods with a few design details that help you better handle saltwater fishing:

    • Light, well balanced, responsive blanks handcrafted from proprietary carbon fiber blends
    • Compound taper with additional carbon fiber at high stress points
    • Choice of 7-, 8-, 9-, 10-weight lines
    • 9’3” blank, calibrated for supple tip section and heavier midsection
    • Powerful, fast, mid-tip action
    • Three solid titanium, corrosion-proof, stripping guides oversized in both gauge and diameter
    • Anodized, salt resistant reel seat with integrated hook keeper and rubber 0-rings on the up-locks
    • Premium multi-density cork end piece

    All these features show well on the sapphire blue rod with its blue ceramic inserts and color matched wrappings.



    The Mystic saltwater fly rod features are not just for show. Using a Tremor rod guarantees you have an enjoyable, productive fishing excursion:

    • Mid tip action is comfortable to cast, allowing the fly rod to load and react faster with less effort, perfect for intercepting a moving fish
    • Flexibility of tip lets you cast accurately and more easily detect a strike
    • Tip holds power in reserve so it can deliver heavier flies into the wind, while maintaining tighter loops and accuracy
    • Extra carbon fiber at high stress points virtually eliminates the chance of your favorite rod breaking
    • Design of hook keeper protects the hook point from damage and the angler from any unexpected, painful injury

    If you are going after small to medium sized salt water fish, check out the specs below for the best option for you in the Mystic Tremor series. You will not regret the choice!

    Note, too, that the Mystic Tremor series of saltwater fishing gear can also be used successfully in freshwater. Just adjust the line weight as necessary.

     All rods come with a Lifetime Warranty


    T-793-4 4 PIECE 7 9’3“ FAST $529
    T-893-4 4 PIECE 8 9’3“ FAST $529
    T-993-4 4 PIECE 9 9’3“ FAST $539
    T-1093-4 4 PIECE 10 9’3“ FAST $549