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SAPPHYRE FLY ROD SERIES | Classic beauty redefined with elegance and prestige, the Sapphyre women's fly rod is a true work of art. Designed to be ergonomically pleasing for female anglers, this tip-flex, fast action rod will perform as well the best fast action rods on the market. Crafted and finished without exceptions or compromises on material or components, the Mystic Sapphyre women’s fly rod utilizes a custom made fore-grip designed to fit a petite hand (female) with excellent balance and sensitivity. Finish details include titanium stripping guides, light wire snake guides and a teardrop tiptop to make the Sapphyre women's fly rods worthy of the most demanding and discerning angler.Translucent holographic sapphire blue blank with violet wraps and silver trim bands make this rod one of the sexiest rods on the market today.


Fly fishing is a women’s world!

If you’re a female fishing enthusiast, you will understand why Mystic is pleased to showcase its Sapphyre; women’s fly rods, designed to let you show the world you are a cool and competent angler.

As always, the Mystic team uses the latest technology and superb craftsmanship in designing and crafting each series of fly fishing rod. However, the Sapphyre female fishing gear kicks it up a notch for women. There are subtle modifications to the key components in order to fit better in a typically smaller female hand. And, there is even the hint of a fashion statement.


The Sapphyre women's fly rod features all the usual first class Mystic design, materials and craftsmanship plus a few elements customized for women:

  • High modulus 40-ton composite blanks
  • Scaled down grip specifically designed for smaller hands
  • 5-weight and 6-weight line options
  • Titanium Titan Ringlock stripping guides
  • Light wire snake guides
  • Teardrop tiptop
  • Aluminum up-locking reel seats
  • Tip flex for a fast action but stiff enough to maintain control
  • Good match with any reel in the 6.5 ounce range

The value added feature is the sophisticated color palette. Imagine a translucent holographic sapphire blue blank with silver trimmed violet wraps. Once seen, this women specific fly rod will be on your wish list for a birthday or holiday gift.


The benefits of the Sapphyre female fishing gear are obvious as soon as you pick it up:

  • Lightweight materials make this female fishing gear easy to handle but still strong
  • Able to handle the weight of heavier streamers and nymph rigs
  • Can present flies gently and accurately at both short and mid lengths
  • Comfort of scaled down grip with its excellent balance and sensitivity
  • Allows for smooth application of power, resulting in faster pick up

All these features and benefits of the Mystic Sapphyre fly fishing rods support you in maintaining women’s reputation as better fly casters than men. Plus, this fly rod just looks so darn good in your hands casting for that trophy trout!


S-590-4 4 PIECE  5 9′ Fast $449.00
S-690-4 4 PIECE  6 9′ Fast $449.00