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    Good news stuff!

    Not only do we enjoy reading good press about Mystic fly rods, we want to share the info with you, our customers, partners and friends. We think you should know how other people are talking about us. Whether it is a brief quote or a full length article, the write ups are useful for us and for you.

    We often take info from press reports into consideration when designing new rods or adjusting some of our current line. You might find these impartial, third party descriptions of our fishing rods useful in making decisions for choosing your next rod.

    We are pleased to report that based on all the press we can find there is certainly recognition of the quality of the Mystic products. Even critics who crawl over the technology, materials and function admit these are excellent rods.  They are hard pressed to complain about anything from the reel seat hardware and the balance and action to the artistry of the design and finishes.

    Also, everyone always remarks on the incredible affordability of the products, absolutely unbeatable prices for the superb quality of our Mystic fly rods.

    We like reading about the successes of our Mystic team and invite you to join us!


    Find out what everyone is talking about.

    The Mystic 3wt Switch Rod Changes Trout Fishing


    “The Mystic M-3113-4 is my Goldilocks rod. It’s just right”

    “The quality of this rod struck me as soon as I took it out of the tube. It is very nicely finished and the reel seat hardware is nicer than what comes on some rods that cost twice what the Mystic does”.

    Read more at ginkandgasoline.com



    Mystic 11’3 8 wt switch rod review


    “In my opinion this rod rivals the TCX (and I love the TCX switches), Z axis, NRX, Helios or any other high end, expensive rod in performance”.

    Read more at cutthroatsgalore.wordpress.com




    Mystic Tremor


    “First and foremost the Tremor is one of the best looking, aesthetically pleasing rods on the market. The blue blank, with blue thread wraps and violet trim bands are absolutely beautiful”.

    Read more at michiganfly.com




    Mystic 9’3 6 wt M series fly rod review


    “It is surprising to me that many people haven’t heard of Michigan based Mystic fly rods, as every one of their rods I have cast have been exceptional and have great value”.

    Read more at cutthroatsgalore.wordpress.com




    The Texas Fly Rod Challenge.


    “We would like to congratulate Mystic on their rod and its contribution to our sport. Throughout the day and in all the participants and casters we spoke to the Mystic Reaper Rod constantly received the highest praise and evaluators scores”.

    Read more at 2sergeantsflyfishing.com




    Mystic Outdoors M-Series 6 Weight Review


    “I fished mine with the new RIO smallmouth line in a 6WT and the rod handled all my casts and flies from the lightest nymph to the largest top water bug with no problems at all”.

    Read more at fishing-bait.knoji.com




    Getting Into The Mystic


    “I cannot express to you just how much it means to me to know that someone who is not part of the corporate conglomerate is making waves. Not because of advertising, but because they make a darn good product”.

    “The rod was an amazing work of craftsmanship. Every part to this jewel were obviously the brainchild of folk who have actually used an 8wt. and knew what was missing from the myriad of other big sticks on the market”.

    Read more at theperfectdrift-marcpayne.com




    Mystic 3wt Switch


    “Several readers have been inquiring about 3 weight switch rods and the Mystic 3113 is definitely one that I would recommend”.

    Read more at 2handedtrout.com




    Mystic Tremor Salt Water Rods: Versatile, Sensitive


    “One of the attributes he didn’t mention are the alignmentmarkings at the ferrules. Why don’t all rod companies do this? Instead of just a dot, Mystic annotates the rod length and size”

    Read more at flaflyfish.com




    Fly Fish America Gear Guide 2012


    Featuring our Switch Rod as the Editors Choice Award 2012.  

    Mystic has the following pages with information about our products.

    ·         Reaper Rods page 16 

    ·         Mystic Switch Rods Editors Choice 2012 Gear Guide 2012 pages 56 – 57

    ·         Mystic Switch Rods page 64 – 65 all detailed information





    Review: Fly rods off the beaten path


    “This 9-foot, 3 inches long fly rod defies convention, but it is well balanced and calibrated to perform in all conditions. We all agreed we could chuck it all day and that it did perform well in windy conditions”

    Read more at flylifemagazine.com




    Review: Mystic Tremor Salt Water 8-Weight


    “Rod designers and builders have been after the holy grail of rod dynamics for a long time: making that 4-piece feel and act like a one-piece. These days, several manufacturers have attained this goal, Mystic being one of them”.

    Read more at midcurrent.com




    Derek McKenzie – Fly Fishing Outfitters, Melbourne Australia


    Award winning Mystic Fly Rods are now available in Australia and New Zealand. Find out why these fly rods are rapidly winning acclaim around the world for both their innovation and practical application on the water. We believe that Mystic Fly Rods are amongst the best fly rods available on the market today and we are sure you will agree with us when you choose a Mystic Fly Rod. Mystic Fly Rods continue to win major rod shoot-outs such as the Fly Fish Ohio event and Fly Fish America’s 2012 Editor’s Choice for Switch Rods.





    Mystic Fly Rods by Mystic Fish


    “Mystic seems to have something with the 9′ 3″ length”

    Read more at mysticwaters.com




    Mystic River M693-4 Fly Rod Review


    “If you are looking for a powerhouse 6 wt rod without paying premium prices, the M693-4 is it. I would definitely give this rod a thumbs up”.

    Read more at fly-fishing-colorado.com




    2 Weight Shoot-Out Winner!


    The Mystic M273-2 has been named the winner of Fly Fish Ohio’s 2009 Great 2-Weight Shoot-Out! 

    Their panel of experts awarded our 2-weight rod the highest combined score in the competition with an “amazing” 4.45 points out of a possible five. The reviewers fished 22 fly rods from eleven manufacturers with a variety of reels and lines and a range of conditions. Reviewer Paul Feldman says: 

    “There’s no question in my mind that I would leave the fly rod fairy a few brown trout scales for the Mystic M273-2. As an amateur rod builder and a tackle freak, the quality and craftsmanship that this rod displays is the equal of any rod I have ever seen. The fact that it also delightful to cast and fish with is almost too good to be true!”

    Fly Fish Ohio is an online treasure trove of fly fishing advice, gear reviews and stories serving the Midwest and beyond. The award-winning site is brought to you by self-proclaimed “fanatics” whose goal is to help you “find your own bit of paradise” on the water.

    Our thanks to the folks at Fly Fish Ohio and their reviewers for their glowing recommendation as well as their well-documented time, effort and methodology.    

    Read more at flyfishohio.com