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    Designed to tackle the challenges that large western rivers and high wind present the Maveryck fly rods by Mystic redefine what a powerful fly rod is all about. The Maveryck fly fishing rods series are built around the principle that a rod that casts well into wind and at distance doesn’t have to cast poorly in close. Through the use of the latest nano resin technologies we were able to reduce weight substantially while maintaining rod strength and improving performance across the board. Of course the rod features all of the highest quality components Mystic is famous for and craftsmanship that is second to none, but what really sets the Maveryck apart is how it performs when the chips are down and the conditions are tough. Whether your wading chest deep chasing sea-run browns in the world’s windiest conditions or throwing articulated streamers on a sink-tip line from a drift boat on Montana’s famous Bighole River, the Maveryck fly fishing rods will deliver the performance the conditions demands.

    The Mystic Maveryck series of fly rods is all about power and performance. If you are a stormy weather angler, these flyrods are definitely meant for you.

    Many experienced fishermen will tell you that the best times to fish are rainy, windy days. As the barometric pressure begins to drop and a storm moves in, you want to make sure you have a purpose built fly rod in hand, one that can let you cast well into the wind with predictable accuracy. The Maveryck is your best choice. Thanks to a winning combination of materials, design, and superb craftsmanship, this flyrod is particularly suited to strong wind and rough waters.

    Check out all the advice online and from old timers about line speed and loops for fishing in wild weather. Then, choose a Mystic Maveryck and go for it!


    The unparalleled design and craftsmanship of Mystic flyrods is obvious in the Maveryck features:

    • Strong, lightweight rod tube made from a blend of the highest quality, multi-modulus, carbon fiber and a proprietary resin system
    • Perfectly balanced blank with a uniform spine
    • Fast action
    • 9’3” length with five and six line weight options
    • Nano resin technologies to reduce weight but maintain rod strength
    • Light window reel seat with woven tube spacer
    • Titanium stripping guides
    • Premium grade full wells foregrip

    The bonus is an immaculate clear black finish accented with single silver trim bands throughout the entire rod. You will look good even in the stormiest weather!


    The Mystic Maveryck is definitely a full performance fly fishing rod:

    • Casts big flies like Fat Alberts and hoppers even in strong winds
    • Casts well both at a distance and close
    • Hits the mark even with articulated streamers on a sink-tip line from a drift boat
    • Handles heavy lines with ease

    With a Maveryck fly rod in hand you are well equipped to tackle the challenges of large western rivers, erratic summer storms and high winds. You will see your own fishing performance improve which means catching more of those photo worthy bass and trout.

    Check out the specs below for Mystic Maveryck fly rods and decide which is right for you. Note that affordable price….definitely a best value!


    K-593-4 4 PIECE 5 9′ 3″ FAST $579.00
    K-693-4 4 PIECE 6 9′ 3″ FAST $579.00