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Shop Accessories

We are pleased to offer a few select accessories to complement your choice of Mystic fly rods. The manufacturers have been carefully chosen to ensure you will receive only products of the highest quality.

Our solar shirts for are not only attractive and comfortable, they are functional, protecting you from the strength of the sun’s rays when you are out on the water. You will want at least one for yourself and probably a few for gifts for your fishing family and friends.

Do you carry tools of the trade when you’re fishing? Mystic is proud to put its stamp on several essentials items: a line nipper, scissor clamp, lamp/torch, and zip retractor that works well in all weather. Check out the details and you’ll see why you need to equip yourself before heading out.

Top off your fishing outfit with a flat billed truck cap, made of denim and designed to fit all sizes of heads. And, add a piece of art   ̶   a Sun Gaitor face mask sporting a Matt Zudweg print. There’s nothing like making a fashion statement while protecting your face, ears and neck from the penetrating rays of a strong sun.

Even when you’re not on the water, you can trigger great fishing memories with strategically placed Mystic decals. There is a choice of small rectangular decals in four styles, a 16” oval boat sticker and an 8” oval sticker. Just think of all the empty spots you can fill in with a reminder of good times with Mystic fly rods!

Check out these great Mystic products for yourself and the other anglers in your life.


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