Mystic Fly Rods made in the USAWe have collected information to provide more details on our Mystic fly rods. Browse through the sections and you’ll easily understand why Mystic products are so popular.

First, check out the 2015 and 2016 Product Catalog. The 20 pages are full of useful information, photos and specs of all the fly rods available directly from Mystic or through one of our dealers. You can download the catalog for easy browsing or send us an email requesting a print copy. Either way, you’ll want to share it with your fishing buddies or mark your favorite product and send it to someone looking for gift ideas for you!

Mystic is proud of its Lifetime Warranty Policy and its No-Fault Accident Breakage Policy. When you read the details of coverage, you’ll understand Mystic’s confidence in the quality and durability of its fly rods. These are excellent customer-centered policies.

Watch the Mystic fly rod video for a good summary of the features of the fishing rods. Then, check out the photo gallery to see great shots of these rods in action. Just imagine yourself in those photos.

Do you wonder why we say there is always at least one of the Mystic fly rods that is perfect for any fishing situation? We’ve put the reasons in writing for you to think about. Then, look at Rod Action 101 for tips for choosing the right rod for you.

We finished off this section with our Dare to Compare chart showing how three other brands stack up against the Mystic product. The final chart is a complete matrix of line selections fo all Mystic fly rods.

We’re confident all these resources provide enough information for you to make an informed decision in selecting the Mystic fly rod that makes you a successful fisherman or woman!

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