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spey rods switch rods Mystic two handed rodsExpand your fly fishing arsenal two handed rod from Mystic such as the M-Switch rod or M-Spey rod. Both spey fishing and switch fishing demand a commitment to spending hours on the water, often with only a few takes on the line or coming up empty handed. But, as every angler knows, the tug is the drug. And when it comes, you need a rod built for the job.

Mystic M-Series Spey rods and M-Series Switch rods fit the bill!

There are advantages of using spey or switch casting over a normal fly rod. This is especially true when you want to cover more water, either nymphing or swinging. With two handed rod and longer rod lengths as well as bigger fly lines, anglers can expect to cast further and easily use heavier rigs.

A spey rod can be 12’6” to 14’ or more in length, whereas a switch rod is typically 10’ to 12’5” in length.  Both are designed to use two hands to cast, usually “spey” style, meaning that the line on the water is used to load the rod. Switch fly rods are better for nymphing because they are shorter and lighter. On the other hand, spey rods allow casting tightly against the bank, even with trees or rocks behind you. These rods allow you to cast further distances with ease and make it easier to punch through heavy winds.

Both M-Spey and M-Switch rods are constructed with a high modulus carbon fiber blank uniquely designed to provide enough power to conquer hard to reach places, yet deal with the shock of an aggressive trout or salmon.

These rods are hand produced in the Mystic tradition of value, performance, durability and overall sleekness of design. As with all Mystic rods, they are backed by the Mystic unconditional warranty. Be sure to check out the benefits and features of the Mystic M-Series Switch and the Mystic M-Series Spey rod.  You will not be disappointed!

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