Mystic fly rods mage in the USAWe know you’re reading this because fly fishing is your game, just as it’s the passion of all our team who design, develop and craft Mystic fly rods. We are definitely a community of like-minded people.

So, let’s share information. We are pleased to provide blogs with all sorts of interesting notes on places to fish and equipment to use. Read about fishing up in the wilds of the Canadian Yukon or the excitement of a 5 weight shootout

We have included reviews of our Mystic fly rods so you can have a more personal sense of how our various rods function on the job. For example, a professional fishing guide explains the exceptional qualities of the Mystic Reaper fly rod. And, check out the excellent review of the Mystic Tremor that was published in the online Fly Life Magazine.

The testimonials speak volumes about the performance of our products. Take a minute to read about the power of the Mystic M-Series single hander among others. Be sure to send your feedback along to us when you have a minute.

Our online newsletter is always interesting. There are feature articles about all things fishing. Check out the schedule of fly fishing shows where Mystic is participating. You’ll know where to stop by and get up close with Mystic fly rods. If you haven’t actually held one in your hand before, you’ll be delighted with the feel and balance.

Other news and events have their own sections on this community page which is a great place to bookmark to stay up to date on happenings and new products in the fly fishing world. For example, Mystic announced its fly rods are now available in Australia and New Zealand and Fly Fish America wrote up the Mystic Switch Rod as the Editors’ Choice Award in 2012

Much of the joy of facilitating a community discussion is hearing from each of you about your fly fishing experiences and any comments or suggestions or questions you have.  Please don’t be shy about sharing with all the other Mystic fly rods fans.

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