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The Search of the Elusive Coho

Posted on October 09 2017

It was a cold fall day in the pacific north west recent rains have prevented fishing for a few weeks but this morning was different the air was crisp and the leaves were just starting to turn into the brilliant collage of red yellow and browns. We hoped into my car loaded up our gear and headed north to a river i have not yet been to before but a wise old fishermen had told us tales of fish in the river that very few people know about.

We reach our destination after a brief car ride as we hear the sound of the river approaching with anticipation of catching some big salmon today my heart beats ever so slightly faster. On goes the wool socks and lucky toque and off we go wading down the river i can feel the coldness of the water through my waders and so could my friend we hike along the river bank over logs and under a trestle.

We both stop and listen …. No cars no one else just me him and the river. No sign of any fish yet we both thought that we were sent on a wild goose hunt.

As we continue down the river it starting to get narrower and deeper making it difficult to walk the pebble banks of the river

We round the bend and there’s a dark hole splash a large red coho leaps out of the water we both immediately hustle dropping our bags and gunny for best position to start casting and swinging our flys through the dark hole along the clay bank, many memories were made that day,many fish were caught and released all on my Mystic Inception.

Author: Adrian Lowe


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