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My First Kayak Catch AKA.. Fighting the Fear!

Posted on October 09 2017

At this point in my life, most my stories are fishing stories. I couldn’t say what makes one fishing trip better than the next. I will however share my favorite so far.

Let me start off by explaining my fear of water. It’s not a little fear it’s bordering terror honestly. I have let it keep me from a lot of things for a lOoong time. That is until last year. I moved to beautiful Lake Havasu. I am blessed with an amazing partner. He is understanding and patient and  appreciates my love of fishing. He bought a kayak and started fishing that way.

This meant if we were going to fish together I needed to kayak. He was fantastic! Bought me a paddle kayak, PFD and various other things to get me started.

He took me out first and helped me get used to the kayak, how to paddle, even deep water re-entry.. Which I must admit to hating! Once I was feeling a bit more comfortable we started talking fishing.

He knows I love catching catfish, while these may not be everybody’s favorite fish, I adore them. There is just something about their size and strength I love. So knowing that a catfish would take me for quite the ride he got me an anchor too lol.

We went out to a sweet spot and anchored up. We each dropped a couple of lines and waited, we chatted about stuff and I tried not to be too nervous.

It wasn’t long before I had a bite. I was so worried I would mess up. I hollered at him to come help me I had no clue how to get a fish in the kayak. Not that I had not been shown or told how. I just got scared about falling in the water and any confidence I had went out the window! He was a little ways off and jokingly told me to just land the fish. I was reeling like crazy and my boat rocked a little but I just kept at it. Finally got him to the boat, netted him and got him on fish grips before he could flip out. I looked up and he was closer, but snapping pictures. For a second I was mad , what if I had lost that fish, or tipped over? Then he told me he was on he was over, but sw I had it under control, so he took pictures instead. I realized then, he believed in me and his confidence was valid. I did it, by myself and lived!

This wasn’t the biggest catfish I have ever caught, nor the best fight. It will however always be my favorite. It was my first kayak catch. It was the beginning of a new lifestyle for me. In the months since i have transformed as an angler. I kayak fish regularly. I still have tiny moments of fear when it’s windy, or the water is full of wake, but I know I can do it. I know it is worth it. I’m setting goals constantly, even considering kayak fishing salt water. I am doing tournaments, trying new things. This wasn’t just another fish story this catch was me Fighting the Fear and Winning!

Author: Harmony Rowling


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