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Review of My Mystic Reaper Fly Rod

Posted on September 26 2017

I would like to submit a testimonial/ review of my Mystic fly rods experience. Let me start off by saying that I own two Mystic fly rods, both Reapers. The first is a Mystic Reaper 6 wt fly rod, the second is a Mystic Reaper 7 wt. I bought the 6 wt after fishing my friends reaper for a good bit, while out smallie fishing one day. Before this, I built my own rods, and I thought I liked the way the handled and cast. After fishing the Reaper, I didn’t want to give it back. It made casts no rod of mine had ever made. I was easily throwing my fly 15 to 20 feet farther, and on target. This means I was working a whole lot less to get my flies where they needed to be, and I can definitely tell after a day in the boat. I fish my 6 wt. mostly for smallmouth, I use a Rio outbound short Intermediate 6 wt. line. This combination is fantastic.

I recently bought the 7 wt. I plan on fishing that as a popper fly rod, and for throwing trout streamers next summer. I have had the privilege of casting the M series 8 wt fly rod, as well. Fantastic Rod!

I now recommend the Mystic lineup to anyone that will listen, and I dare them to compare the rods to any of the the rod company offerings.

The next rods on my wishlist is the Mystic Switch 11′ 3″ 7wt, and the Reaper 8′ 3wt.


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